December 2016 Dividend Income

So the year 2016 has come to an end and so does tracking the year. I’ve greatly improved the way I track all of my investment purchases, dividend raises, and dividend income and growth this year. I know exactly how my investment journey has benefited my passive income cash flow, and ultimately, my net worth and sustainability in relation to expenses.

This past month I’ve finally boosted my dividend income to an average of over $200 a month. It took 22 months to get to this point but it’s become practically clock work to me now and is very feasible for me to continue this journey.

The writing makes it a little more difficult and takes by far the most time, but I get a lot out of it myself and it forces me to think a lot of my decisions over as I’ve forced accountability on myself by sharing this with all the readers. If you’ve been a dedicated reader on the blog here, I truly thank you for making this all possible up to now. Thanks to you, I’ve recently organized to renew the web site for a 3-year period in 2017.

Best of luck to everyone in 2017, I hope the market continues to roar forward and our dividend income can collectively grow and we’re all one year closer to financial independence.

Summary of December Investment Activities

Throughout December, I’ve purchased:

One of my holdings increased their dividend.

None of my holdings were sold to recuperate capital.

None of my holdings reduced their dividends.

Annual Dividend Income Update

Nov 2016 Net Increase Dec 2016
Annual Dividend Income $2,290.18 $209.40
Monthly Dividend Income $190.85 $17.45
Percentage Increase +9.14%
YTD Increase +134.09%

December 2016 Dividend Income

Non-Registered Taxable Account
GWW $6.10
FTS $16.00
ZWU $7.02
WCP $2.80
IPL $5.81
EIF $13.13
ENF $7.78
AD $16.20
Tax-Free Savings Account
FTS $16.00
PLZ.UN $5.63
IPL $7.70
EIF $7.35
D.UN $5.63
DRG.UN $6.67
AD $14.18
RNW $11.00
HR.UN $5.33
CJR.B $9.98

Dividend Income Journey

Year-over-year Dividend Income Growth

YoY December Dividends

In line with November’s dividend income, I’ve accrued $164 into the Dividend Beginner coffers for future reinvestment. We now have the first full year of dividend income behind us and things have been growing beautifully. This January will be the largest passive income month and we’ll see if we can top $300 in one of those months. I have high hopes of hitting an average of over $300 a month sometime in 2017.

In December 2015, I received $92.01, and one year later my stocks have generated $164.31 in passive income. This year’s December income increased by $72.30, or 78.58% over last year’s. It seems to be the month with the lowest growth comparable to last year as by the end of last year I began to know more of what I was doing and set myself on the right trajectory. I have no complaints about the growth of my dividend income for the past year.

Total Dividends 2016

Total 2016 Dividends December

For the total 12 months of the year 2016, the Dividend Beginner portfolio has generated $1,856.

This income works out to 106.06% of my 2016 goal of generating $1,750 in passive dividend income. I’m very pleased to have passed my dividend income goal for 2016. Covering it by 6% means I believe I had set a pretty high goal and was able to achieve it through the aggressive high yield investing.

Comparatively,  I had a goal of acquiring $500 from dividend income for the year of 2015 in the 9 months of dividend accumulation. I crossed that by achieving my 2015 goal with a success rate of 108.5%.

I’m not sure what kind of strategy I’ll play through for 2017 but am sure I’ll drift in the correct direction if I stick with the dividend growth names.

Total Dividends Lifetime

Lifetime Dividends 2016 December

I’d like to keep track of my lifetime dividends as it will always be the largest number I can attribute to dividend income, and ultimately is all the passive income I’ve generated from the beginning of this portfolio to now. It’s a great chart to display exactly what you could accomplish when you save your earnings and invest in dividend growing stocks.

After 21 months of receiving dividends and 22 months of investing, I’ve generated above $2,000 in passive income. After December 2016, my record is now $2,399 in dividend income that I earned from having the foresight to invest my money in income generating assets. The great thing about this is that even if I stop investing now, that money will continue to flow into my bank account every month without me lifting a finger, and what’s more is that it will even grow as time goes on considering I took the time to invest in dividend growing companies with proven track records.

How was all of my fellow investors’ December 2016? Any new positions? Dividend raises?

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  1. Nice job collecting those Dec. dividends. Nice to see GWW on your list. You don’t really see that name too often among our fellow dividend investing peers. I have held that name for many years and it has been a top performer for me. Not too familiar with some of the other symbols listed though. Keep those dividends rolling in and watch that year over year increase continue to grow. Thanks for sharing.

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