January 2017 Dividend Income

Passive income

And so 2017 starts off strong as I record my highest ever monthly dividend income. I would consider the contributions I made throughout last year incredibly successful to have propelled me from where I was last year to today. It was my first full year of investing and I’ve learned a lot. I don’t doubt for one second that I may learn just as much, if not more, this year around.

I regret that I did not invest for the month. My late purchase last month in Apple was settled in January so perhaps I didn’t feel to as much as I should have. I would like to be investing every month rather than every so often like I ended up doing last year. It would require more time invested in analyzing potential companies though.

While the year started off without newly invested capital, Enbridge Income Fund came through with the best dividend raise I’ve received since the inception of the portfolio.

Summary of January Investment Activities

Throughout January, I’ve purchased:

  • Nothing

One of my holdings increased their dividend.

None of my holdings were sold to recuperate capital.

None of my holdings reduced their dividends.

Annual Dividend Income Update

Dec 2016 Net Increase Jan 2017
Annual Dividend Income $2,499.58 $17.41 $2,516.99
Monthly Dividend Income $208.30 $1.45 $209.75
Percentage Increase +0.70%
YTD Increase +0.70%

January 2017 Dividend Income

Non-Registered Taxable Account
WMT $9.00
T $31.20
CNQ $10.00
CWB $16.10
ZWU $7.02
EIF $13.13
WCP $2.80
IPL $5.87
ENF $7.78
AD $16.20
BNS $19.98
Tax-Free Savings Account
T $16.80
EIF $7.35
PLZ.UN $5.63
IPL $7.78
ENF $6.69
D.UN $5.63
DRG.UN $6.67
AD $14.18
BNS $17.02
RNW $19.07
HR.UN $5.06
CJR.B $9.98

Dividend Income Journey

Year-over-year Dividend Income Growth

YoY January DividendsThe portfolio totally killed it this month. My dividend income towers above all other months so far behind me. Unfortunately projections for the future months are all lower than this Jan 2017 so I will have to invest some capital to raise it across the board.

I have a large sum of cash waiting to be deployed, over $10k in fact. However I am having trouble finding value in the market. I think I will be focusing on income with my Canadian portfolio and shifting towards growth at a reasonable price with a small dividend for my American stocks. This works out to be the most tax-efficient with my current set up.

In January 2016, I received $109.54, and one year later my stocks have generated $260.94 in passive income. This year’s January income increased by $151.4 (more than what I made in the entire month in 2016), or 138.21% over last year’s.

Total Dividends 2017

Total 2017 Dividend Income

After generating $1,856 in dividend income in 2016, we restart the count for the year 2017 and starting off strong. After 1 month of the year 2017, the Dividend Beginner portfolio has generated $261.

I currently have not addressed my goals for 2017 so I’m not sure what this covers for my yearly dividend income target, but it’ll probably be somewhere around $3000. Comparatively last year’s goal was $1,750 so we’re nearly doubling for this year.

Using $3,000 as my 12-month dividend income goal, January covers 8.7% of that hefty goal.

Total Dividends Lifetime

Lifetime Dividend Income

I’d like to keep track of my lifetime dividends as it will always be the largest number I can attribute to dividend income, and ultimately is all the passive income I’ve generated from the beginning of this portfolio to now. It’s a great chart to display exactly what you could accomplish when you save your earnings and invest in dividend growing stocks.

After 22 months of receiving dividends and 23 months of investing, I’ve generated above $2,500 in passive income. After January 2017, my record is now $2,660 in dividend income that I earned from having the foresight to invest my money in income generating assets. The great thing about this is that even if I stop investing now, that money will continue to flow into my bank account every month without me lifting a finger, and what’s more is that it will even grow as time goes on considering I took the time to invest in dividend growing companies with proven track records.

How was all of my fellow investors’ January 2017? Any new positions? Dividend raises?

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  1. Congrats on doubling your dividend income. That is awesome. I know it has been a lot harder finding good value stocks with everything being up so much. Good luck in the rest of 2017.

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