October 2016 Dividend Income

Dividend income October 2016

October was quite the active month for me as I looked to slim my portfolio down in a few areas. I set up quite a few stop limit prices for a decent amount of stocks; all set up to a minimum profit I would be comfortable with taking off the table. My main concern at the time was both the election, but more so the possibility of the Fed raising interest rates in December and causing some stocks to go on sale by January, just like at the end of last year.

Summary of October Investment Activities

Throughout October, I’ve purchased:

None of my holdings increased their dividend.

Two of my holdings were sold to recuperate capital:

None of my holdings reduced their dividends.

Annual Dividend Income Update

Sep 2016 Net Increase Oct 2016
Annual Dividend Income $2,213.34 $93.10 $2,306.44
Monthly Dividend Income $184.45 $7.76 $192.20
Percentage Increase +4.12%
YTD Increase +116%

October 2016 Dividend Income

Non-Registered Taxable Account
T $29.90
CNQ $9.20
ZWU $7.02
IPL $5.59
EIF $12.56
WCP $2.80
ENF $7.78
AD $16.20
BNS $19.98
Tax-Free Savings Account
T $16.10
IPL $7.41
EIF $7.04
AAR.UN $3.90
PLZ.UN $5.63
D.UN $5.63
DRG.UN $6.67
AD $6.75
BNS $17.02
RNW $11.00
HR.UN $4.95
CJR.B $9.98

Dividend Income Journey

October dividend income

With the quarterly dividends coming in on October, we come through some very nice income.

October saw a whopping $213.11 flow through my brokerage account. Starting with last quarter, the dividend income has began to surpass $200. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s passing $300 in twelve months. While dividends have grown a lot this past year, I have a decent amount of cash on the side lines now. Nearly 25% of my net worth is currently in cash.


Similar to the end of Q2, dividend income has more than doubled from last year. The investments I made in the first half of the year have been paying steadily as my portfolio starts to shape up nicely. In October 2015, I received $92.76 in dividends – and one year later I’m collecting $213.11. This year’s October income increased by $120.35, or $129.74% over last year’s.


Within 10 months of 2016, the Dividend Beginner portfolio has generated $1,526.05.

This income works out to 82.2% of my 2016 goal of generating $1,750 in passive dividend income. I’m on track to accomplish this goal provided I do not sell too many securities or dividends drop.

I’d like to keep track of my lifetime dividends as it will always be the largest number I can attribute to dividend income, and ultimately is all the passive income I’ve generated from the beginning of this portfolio to now. It’s a great chart to display exactly what you could accomplish when you save your earnings and invest in dividend growing stocks.

After 19 months of receiving dividends and 20 months of investing, I’ve generated above $2,000 in passive income. After October 2016, my record is now $2,069.49 in dividend income that I earned from having the foresight to invest my money in income generating assets. The great thing about this is that even if I stop investing now, that money will continue to flow into my bank account every month without me lifting a finger, and what’s more is that it will even grow as time goes on considering I took the time to invest in dividend growing companies with proven track records.

How was all of my fellow investors’ October 2016? Any new positions? Dividend Raises? Dividend Cuts? Looking forward to November? 

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