September 2016 Dividend Income

Dividend income September 2016

Another month has passed without a purchase as my cash position silently increases. I believe the elections will lead to some volatility and plan to spend some time then purchasing assets if there are sales. For the time being I’m trying to take a hard look at my portfolio and trim where possible.

Summary of September Investment Activities

Throughout August, I’ve purchased:

  • nothing

One of my holdings increased their dividend.

None of my holdings reduced their dividends.

Annual Dividend Income Update

Aug 2016 Net Increase Sep 2016
Annual Dividend Income $2,209.34 $4.00 $2,213.34
Monthly Dividend Income $184.11 $0.33 $184.45
Percentage Increase +0.18%
YTD Increase +107.28%

September 2016 Dividend Income

Non-Registered Taxable Account
GWW $6.10
FTS $15.00
WMT $9.00
MG $9.68
ZWU $7.02
WCP $2.80
IPL $5.59
EIF $12.56
ENF $7.78
AD $16.20
CWB $16.10
Tax-Free Savings Account
SNC $6.50
AAR.UN $3.90
PLZ.UN $5.63
IPL $7.41
EIF $7.04
D.UN $5.63
DRG.UN $6.67
AD $6.75
RNW $11.00
HR.UN $4.95
CJR.B $9.98

Dividend Income Journey

September was yet another slow month as I begin to think about selling off some positions and find little to invest in. $183.29 was added to the Dividend Beginner’s coffers for reinvestment at a later date.


Dividend income for the month of September was steady, around the average monthly dividend income value at the time. Income is up slightly from last month and I’m surprised that I hadn’t even noticed this is the second largest month of income we’ve received so far. In September 2015, I received $56.32 which, one year later, has balooned into $183.29. This year’s September income increased by $126.97, or 225.44%%.

total 2016 dividend income

As we build off our first $1,000 in one year of dividends, we’re very close to achieve our goal of $1,750 throughout 2016. After 9 months, the portfolio has generated $1,312.94

$1,312.94 works out to 75% of our $1,750 goal.

lifetime dividend income
I’d like to keep track of my lifetime dividends as it will always be the largest number I can attribute to dividend income, and ultimately is all the passive income I’ve generated from the beginning of this portfolio to now. It’s a great chart to display exactly what you could accomplish when you save your earnings and invest in dividend growing stocks.

After 18 months of receiving dividends and 19 months of investing, I’ve generated just shy of $2,000 in passive income. After August 2016, my record is now $1,856.38 in dividend income that I earned from having the foresight to invest my money in income generating assets. The great thing about this is that even if I stop investing now, that money will continue to flow into my bank account every month without me lifting a finger, and what’s more is that it will even grow as time goes on considering I took the time to invest in dividend growing companies with proven track records.

How was all of my fellow investors’ September 2016? Any new positions? Dividend Raises? Dividend Cuts? Looking forward to October? 

4 Replies to “September 2016 Dividend Income”

  1. Just wanted to ask what is your opinion on stocks that are just “growth” stocks (no dividends). I invested into couple Medical Marijuana companies (Canopy Growth Corp & Organigram Holdings Inc) and so far I have gained about 78 & 112% return on the investment in roughly a year.

  2. Solid month! Still a great YoY dividend increase considering that you’re in cash generating mode. The coming months should be interesting. I will be rebalancing my portfolio as well, take some profits where I can and snap some assets that are on sale.

  3. You kicked June’s butt, which is the big win here and it looks like we’re headed into your strongest month. Looking forward to the October update!

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