Added $100 in dividends from Richard’s Packaging

Richards Packaging

On March 15th, I added 80 shares of Richard’s Packaging Income Fund to The Dividend Beginner’s portfolio. I purchased the shares at $26.30, with a trading cost of $6.95 for a total investment of $2,110.95.

Reasons I bought Richard’s Packaging

  • Has a 1-year gain of 30%
  • Has a yield of ~5%
  • Pays a monthly dividend
  • Has increased the dividend for a consecutive 3 years
    • Just increased their dividend by 18% in March
  • Is continuing to make all-time highs
  • Provides exposure to the “Basic Materials” sector, of which I had none
  • 2016 payout ratio was 53% (
    • Note that the distributions were return of capital (so I tax shelter this in my TFSA)
    • Management defines payout ratio as distributions and dividends declared over distributable cash flow

Dividend Income increased 4.13%

My new shares in Richard’s Packaging Income Fund add $105.60 to my annual dividend income, or $8.80 per month. RPI.UN has increased their dividend consecutively for 3 years.

Most recently, at the beginning of March, RPI.UN passed an 18% raise to the monthly distribution, from 9.35¢ to 11¢.

Before Net Increase After
Annual Dividend Income
Monthly Dividend Income $213.01 $8.80
Percentage Increase +4.13%

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  1. I like the yield but the P/E of 41 according to Google seems high. Also don’t know if I like the low liquidity ($300M market cap). Will keep an eye on this though to see how it fares. Thanks for sharing.

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