End of Week Review (Jan 17-22)

stock market end of week review

Welcome to the Dividend Beginner’s end of week review; a lot happened this week so I’d like to summarize. I’m not certain if this will be an ongoing thing, and it will probably be subject to how involved I am in the market on a week-to-week basis and depending on how much time I have to write. I’ve been pretty lucky so far in January to have a decent amount of time to do some in-depth research and to write. Hopefully this continues through 2016 and we can grow the Dividend Beginner community!

Following are the posts I wrote for the Dividend Beginner blog this week, posts I enjoyed by other investment bloggers, and articles which revolve around stocks I either hold or am interested in.

Next Week on Dividend Beginner

Stay tuned to this blog, coming out next week will be a Dividend Stock Analysis of Metro Inc (TSE: MRU), the stock seems very conservative of wealth while pushing new highs and growing their dividend by double-digit percentages. Make sure to subscribe to the blog and you can get the post in your e-mail inbox, or you can return to the web site and check it out!

METRO INC. is a Canada-based food retailer and distributor. The Company operates a network of supermarkets, discount stores and drugstores. The Company has approximately 800 food stores operating under the banners Metro, Metro Plus, Super C and Food Basics. The Company has approximately 250 drugstores and pharmacies operating under the banners Brunet, Clini Plus, Pharmacy and Drug Basics. The Company’s product is Gril Rouge and its main brand is Irresistibles. The Company’s services are coinstar, pre-filled bbq tanks, metro gift cards, ready to order platters, olg lottery games terminal, floral services and pharmacy services.

I’ll also be publishing a post concerning my recent buy this week. I purchased 25 shares of RY, which increases my 12-month forward dividend income by $79.00, and the ex-dividend date is today, January 22, so I picked them up at the perfect time. Even better, I bought my shares at a $65.40 in between the Bank of Canada rate announcement as it was dropping. Shares of RY right now, two days later, are trading at $69.34.

Hopefully next week is just as exciting as this past one. The TSX really jumped Thursday-Friday, snapping the expected oncoming bear market – let’s see what happens next.

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4 Replies to “End of Week Review (Jan 17-22)”

  1. Ouch…two dividend cuts in a week. That hurts. Sorry to hear your companies are cutting back – but I think that’s what the energy companies need to do these days to survive.

    Thanks for the mention for my Cdn Banks article btw.

    Have a great weekend

    1. Hey R2R,

      Yeah can’t say it’s been a great week on the energy side revising their budgets and outlooks for 2016. Regardless, I had already given up on PGF’s dividend prospects, but WCP was unfortunate. Oh well, my new stake in RY more than makes up for the week’s cuts. Moving forward man.


  2. Thanks for the mention and I hope you had a great weekend. Hopefully it was better than your week with 2 dividend cuts. That’s got to hurt but it’s a setback not a game changer. I haven’t had time to read through your posts about them but in case you didn’t already make sure to go back and look to see what it is you missed and what went wrong. Were you chasing yield? Did you miss something in your analysis? I find that I learn so much more from my mistakes than my wins because it forces me to see if my process is wrong and what can be improved.

    1. Hey JC,

      Anytime buddy. I really like your blog, been following since before I started here. It really is just a setback and nothing close to a game changer. Already made up for it by allocating new capital.
      I agree with you that it’s very educational to make mistakes like this. I didn’t perform enough diligence on the safety of the dividend of those companies and the oil sector with the insane volatility in crude prices. Definitely learned more than I would have if everything was fine and dandy; glad it happened earlier than later.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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