The Journey Toward Financial Independence

Financial Independence

Hello for the first time, readers.

I created this web site / blog so that I could enlighten an audience about a magical thing called financial independence, and display my journey towards it.

I only discovered financial independence this January, and since I’ve put my first dollar into the stock market – it’s nearly all I can think about. Just imagine: you can do anything you want, whenever you want, and you are still getting paid! I am devoted to extending myself to grasp as much passive income as I possibly can, at the young age of 21. Passive income can come from all sorts of things; from investing, to programming and advertising apps, to freelancing web sites, to writing blogs – the possibilities are endless and abundant!

However, in this blog, I plan to focus primarily on dividend investing. Those two words alone fill my soul with glee.

I will be posting up my monthly dividend payouts, as well as any other sort of passive income stream I may be able to muster along my journey. You’ll also get a glimpse into my head on my purchases being made in the stock market – why I do it and what I see coming from it. I may also post my expenses and a couple of other things so people can see how anyone can take part in building a passive income stream. It’s something that starts off slow – like a seed – and blossoms into the most beautiful flower, which will happen to pay for your retirement WITHOUT dipping into your funds or savings. You keep all your money (it will fluctuate in the market, mind you) AND make more (the company’s will pay you for investing with them)!

Stay tuned guys, in my next post I’ll introduce myself and we’ll take it from there!

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