March 2016 Dividend Income

March 2016 Dividend Income

Another quiet month in the Dividend Beginner books, and while it’s not too exciting – it is a good opportunity to hoard cash. Stocks have been rising steadily and I haven’t been exercising my Stock Binoculars too heavily recently so haven’t scooped up many deals. I finally got rid of the hell that is Valeant Pharmaceuticals, which definitely reduces my investment stress as it never stopped falling and continues to do so – what a nightmare. I added lightly to my annual dividend income by continuing to purchase assets in the energy pipeline space.

It feels like I’ve started to really automate this process of investing, and while this allows more time for other things in my life, it reduces the excitement of scouring out stocks and making great strides like I did with my investing spree in January. Or maybe there just aren’t enough deals out right now that catch my eye like shining gold. Nevertheless, I work towards my $150 average monthly dividend income goal. Then on to $200 per month. And on, and on, and on. It’s a long process, but it definitely pays off.

Summary of March Investment Activities

Throughout March, I’ve purchased:

Two of my holdings increased their dividends:

One of my holdings was sold to recuperate capital:

Annual Dividend Income Update

Thank god I didn’t suffer a dividend cut for a change this month. I’ve recently shed some slimy positions and still have some cleaning up to do but am giving them some time. A small sum was invested since I really want to purchase at least one stock per month if possible.

Thanks to my new position in ENF along with a couple small dividend raises, I’ve increased my annual dividend income by $98.30 this month (nearly $100!) up to $1,524.20. We’re getting somewhere. Year-to-date my dividend income has increased a whopping 42.74%. I wonder how far above 100% I can get by 2017.

Feb 2016 Net Increase Mar 2016
Annual Dividend Income $1,425.90 $98.30 $1,524.20
Monthly Dividend Income $118.83 $8.19 $127.02
Percentage Increase +6.89%
YTD Increase +42.74%

March 2016 Dividend Income

Non-Registered Taxable Account
ZWU $7.02
WCP $4.50
AD $16.20
FTS $15.00
GWW $5.85
CWB $16.10
Tax-Free Savings Account
AAR.UN $3.90
PLZ.UN $5.63
D.UN $5.63
DRG.UN $6.67
HR.UN $4.95
SNC $6.50

Another month just shy of $100.00 in dividend income. I literally bought last month’s monthly stock, Inter Pipeline on it’s ex-dividend so sadly did not receive that push to $100.00+. In my Annual Dividend Income table there is now only one month in which I would receive below $100 (December), and by the end of April I hope to have that situation remedied. I will be very proud to receive over $100 every single month, rather than on an average basis. I do find my average monthly dividend income of $127 rounds it out well though since the months after quarter ends are ferocious while the rest of the months are decent, but that’s only because I’ve prioritized a large amount of Monthly Dividend Payers – a great boost to morale!
March 2016 Dividend Income2015 March Dividend Income vs March 2016 Dividend Income

This March passing marks my one-year investment anniversary! In April of 2015 will be the first display of 2015 vs 2016 and it looks like it’s going to be a huge percentage increase; that’s obvious but it doesn’t make it any less fun. Dividend growth investing has already changed my life after one year. I have a plan, and I feel empowered.

Total 2016 Dividend Income

Three months in and nearly $300 richer. Sounds good to me. It’s going to be a good year. Lifetime Dividend Income

I’d like to keep track of my lifetime dividends as it will always be the largest number I can attribute to dividend income, and ultimately is all the passive dividend income I’ve generated from the beginning of this portfolio to now. It’s a great chart to display exactly what you could accomplish when you save your earnings and invest in dividend growing stocks.

How was all of my fellow investors’ March 2016? Any new positions? Dividend Raises? Dividend Cuts? Looking forward to April? 

21 Replies to “March 2016 Dividend Income”

  1. Congrats on your first year of investment. It’s a nice amount of dividends you’ve got. I got arround 4$ in march.

    In april, I am looking to add drg.un to my portfolio to start adding some monthly dividends

    1. Hey fintech,

      $4 is still a start, glad to see you getting in the game bud! DRG.UN was one of my first couple stocks and a good REIT. I especially like they’re German office space rented out by Google. 🙂

  2. slow and steady will win the race! Looks like you made a goos start towards your goals.

    I only have 2 dividend payers. One paid in March. It is also ways nice to see the money flowing in.

    1. Hey Amber,

      Thanks for stopping by. As much as I hate it, it’s true that it’s slow and steady. It helps to keep busy and then by the end of the month the money is just right there in your account ready to reinvest. Looking forward to making enough to actually reinvest though; getting there… slowly. Haha.

  3. Solid dividend income, slow and steady wins the race. Gotta love you’re investing more money into more dividend stocks. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hey Tawcan,

      You bet dude. It’s fun to be buying assets rather than throwing money down the drain like everyone else when I look around. Going to be a nice future waiting after all this.

    1. Hey Tristan,

      Thanks for commenting, as always. It’s an alright month, but next one will definitely be a good one. In 10 years this will amount to colossal amounts of cash money. Exciting.

  4. Hi , I am a new investor and I find dividend investing as a great opportunity to build long term wealth. I love the blog it is very informative and easy to understand and read. I would like to start investing but do not know where to begin and what stocks to buy. I have $10,000 to begin, is there a portfolio of stocks you recommend. Thank you.

    1. Hey Paul,

      Welcome to investing! I was in your shoes too one year ago and look at me now dude. It’s been a fun and prosperous journey. I’m very pleased to know that my blog has been helping you out! Honestly, I’m so very glad. For stocks that you should check out with $10k to invest, depending on whether you’re from the U.S. or Canada, you should check out the Dividend Aristocrats or Canadian Dividend All-Stars, to get a feel for stocks which consistently raise their dividends for years on end. That’s where I go first when selecting my picks! If you have any other questions, feel free man.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me and I appreciate the advice. Where am I able to get access to the 2 lists you mentioned in your reply. Secondly, do you recommend buying a pool of individual stocks or an ETF dividend stocks that already has a diverse range of dividend stocks. In other words, I am trying to implement a strategy that will get me started. I would appreciate any further advice. Oh my the way I am from Canada. Cheers.

        1. Hey man,

          No problem, I’m here to help where I can. Since you’re from Canada, check out the Canadian Dividend All Star List here –

          Personally, I prefer to purchase individual stocks after performing a decent amount of research because I believe more in individual companies than an assortment of them for yearly dividend raises. When I’ve looked through ETFs I haven’t really found one which consistently raises dividends year after year. There is a dividend growth ETF that you can start out with though, I wrote an article about it here:

          Hope that was helpful!

          1. Thanks for the list DP. How do I learn about which criteria I should use to choose good dividend growth stocks that will pay consistent dividends. Is there a rule about how much I should but of one stock and how many stocks do you recommend with 10k to invest. I appreciate all your help. Cheers.

  5. Your dividend income is definitely headed in the right direction. Don’t know why you would consider Valeant for a dividend growth portfolio at all. I say stick to the good old fashioned boring dividend payers in the staples to build out a nice core. Still, you have many other great dividend payers to lessen some of the sting and build your passive income on those solid backs. Great month for passive income and looks like you will get well over $1500 for the year in passive income.

    1. Hey DH,

      I’ve said multiple times now around the blog that Valeant was a fun money growth stock play and, yes, a mistake, but pack-full of lessons that I’ll carry around. Definitely gonna get past $1500 this year, hoping for around $1750. Everything’s been going well and I’m in a great place.

  6. Keep it up DB. You’ve come a long way and for being so young, you have a head start on your peers. Don’t stop and keep pushing yourself and when you hit 30, you will be a baller and life will be much easier. Success creates more success.
    I’m happy for you bud. Cheers.

    1. Hey Tyler,

      Thanks for visiting Mr. Hustler. I appreciate all your encouragement and love hearing from you! Definitely gonna keep hitting my goals hard and go far bro. Keep up all the hard work!

  7. DB, that’s a pretty good track record! I just invested a few thousand into NYMT but that stock wipes out all the dividend gains with it’s volatility. Gah!

    What’s your take on it? Should I sell and put what I have remaining elsewhere?

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