Recent Purchase: Telus (TSE: T)

Telus Purchase

On December 17th, I purchased 30 shares of Telus (TSE: T) at $37.50, with a trading cost of $6.95 for a total investment of $1,131.95. Telus shares fell between 6% – 9% throughout the day yesterday on news that Shaw has bought Wind Mobile for $1.6B; reason being that shareholders now fear the competition this might bring. This is the third time I’m purchasing shares in Telus, and I now own 100 shares of this company. These 30 new shares have added $52.80 to my forward dividend income.

My total of 100 shares of Telus counts for $176.00 of my total dividend income. My annual dividend income now hovers around $1111.21. I say it “hovers around” because I don’t convert USD to CAD in my dividend calculations, and for the time being I am unsure of what Pengrowth Energy Corp. will be doing with it’s upcoming dividend payment.

With an annual dividend income of $1111.21, my average monthly dividend income is now $92.60. I’m beginning to see this number actually meaning something, rather than when I was making around $25 a month or so. I’m very motivated to get this monthly dividend income up to $100, as that will be a very nice milestone and it means I’m a bit closer to deploying out my dividend income into their own stocks – money making even more money.


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  1. It’s exciting to be reaching those milestones on track! I’m just getting started with my investments and I will be receiving my very first dividend payment in about a month. I can’t wait!

    Thanks for the information and perspective!

    1. Hi Josh,

      It’s definitely very exciting to finally be seeing my hard work in picking stock choices paying off in recurring dividends which I can count on to push me closer to FI.

      Best regards,

    1. Hi LFT,

      By tracking all of my goals and progress on this web site I’ve really opened my eyes to how things are improving and how far I’ve come and am ready to go. Looking at those long-term and short-term numbers and realizing them is so fulfilling.

      Best of luck on your journey!

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