Recent Purchase: Telus (TSE: T)

On June 5th I purchased 35 shares of Telus in my non-registered taxable account at $42.36, which totals a $1482.60 investment. I already own 35 shares in my TFSA, so I now own a total of 70 shares of Telus, which currently holds a market value of $2973.60 at the current share price of $42.28. Previously, I had paid $42.79 per share, so my average share purchase cost has been reduced to $42.58.

I decided to purchase more shares of Telus because it is my favourite stock to own; up there with Bank of Nova Scotia. Considering the ex-dividend date  is June 8th, I had to purchase more shares by the 5th to receive the upcoming dividend. Their dividend growth program is something I am a huge fan of, and helps display their appreciation to shareholders.

I prefer Telus to Rogers and Bell, and believe it has the best future growth prospects.

With Telus’ annual dividend payout of $1.68, I’ve increased my 12-month forward dividend income by $58.80. I now receive a total of $117.60 per year from T.TO ($29.40 every quarter). 

I am not at all opposed to purchasing more shares in this company after some time. I believe I’ve beefed up my position in Telus enough for now (it is my largest position in any one company), and should diversify a bit more. I’m interested in adding to my position in BNS or opening positions in energy or insurance.

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  1. Awesome Purchase DB. I like the buy. Telus is the best out of the 3 telecoms in Canada for sure. Keep up the hustle my friend and before you know it, BAM!! Glad to share the journey with you. Cheers bud.

    1. Hey DH!

      I’m glad we’re in agreement with Telus trumping Rogers and Bell. It’s seeing a bit of a volatility now, but I’m excited to see where it’ll go in a couple years, especially how their dividend growth plan might change. Definitely my favourite stock to be holding right now.

      Thanks for commenting

  2. Been eyeing up Telus also for my wife’s TFSA. I really love the TFSA, shame it isn’t the best for US dividend stocks though (could be argued I suppose).

    1. Hey Stephen,

      Telus is a pretty solid long-term hold. I love their dividend growth program, allows me to confidently invest. I agree with you there, for US dividend stocks it has to be the RRSP, next best thing would be a non-registered account..

      Best regards

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