Weekly Stock Market Review

Stock Market Review

Welcome to the Dividend Beginner’s Weekly Stock Market Review, where you readers can see all of my new blog posts at a glance and decide which ones peak your interest for further reading.

I also took the time to mark down all the interesting articles related to finance, investing and economics for my readers. So go make yourself a nice warm cup of coffee and get to reading, learning, and making money!

Dividend Beginner’s Posts

Dividend Beginner’s Stats

  • Capital Gains: – $235 (-0.55%)
  • Dividend Income: + $67.88
  • Total Return: – $167.12

– $167.12 stock market return

This past week the Dividend Beginner portfolio dropped by $167.12 in capital gains, which amounts to a -0.55% weekly return. The portfolio also generated $67.88 in dividend income through AD, ENF, EIF, IPL, WCP, AAR.UN, PLZ.UN, D.UN, DRG.UN.

In total, the Dividend Beginner portfolio generated a passive $167.12 weekly loss.

For a 40-hour work week, that’s a loss of $4.18 per hour.

Stock Market Articles

Economic Articles

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3 Replies to “Weekly Stock Market Review”

  1. Jeez that $4.18/hour loss sounds so bad.

    Luckily we’re in this investing idea for the long run, and in the end it (usually) is a positive return. The next few weeks might be rough due to the brexit panic. But that means we can (maybe) buy stocks for cheaper.

  2. Always good to see some stats to see where people are really at. I’m new at dividends also and want to see if this is something that can replace an income. Anyways, cheers! it’s my first time here

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