Weekly Stock Market Review

Stock Market Review

Welcome to the Dividend Beginner’s Weekly Stock Market Review, where you readers can see all of my new blog posts at a glance and decide which ones peak your interest for further reading.

I also took the time to mark down all the interesting articles related to finance, investing and economics for my readers. So go make yourself a nice warm cup of coffee and get to reading, learning, and making money!

Dividend Beginner’s Posts

Dividend Beginner’s Stats

  • Capital Gains: + $317.75 (0.75%)
  • Dividend Income: + $43.55
  • Total Return: + $361.30

 $361.30 stock market return

This past week the Dividend Beginner portfolio generated $317.75 in capital gains, which amounts to a 0.75% weekly return. The portfolio also generated $43.55 in dividend income through HR.UN, RNW, GWW, FTS and SNC.

In total, the Dividend Beginner portfolio generated a passive $361.30 weekly return.

For a 40-hour work week, that’s a salary of $9.03 per hour.

Stock Market Articles

Economic Articles

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