Stock Watch list For July 2015

Stock Watch List July 2015

With June coming to an end and July looking like a month which will go through much turmoil, it’s best to be ready to jump  a stock which might interest you and have a list ready instead of scrambling to decide whether an investment is worth it or not during a quick market downturn. I had a much more calm month in June than my previous months of buying as I’m trying to play a little low key on the market and wait for some bigger opportunities as things have been steadily dropping.

I believe I made some shotgun purchases the past couple of months because I was so far behind on my goal to achieve $500 in dividends throughout 2015, but now that the path has cleared up, I believe I’m beginning to take things a little more slowly, and being a bit more intelligent about it.

While I have an interest in these companies and would love to own them, I’m not quite sure if I’d be inclined to buy anything right now or silently build up a cash position… Only time will tell… Until then here’s my watch list for July; all of these stocks are found on the Toronto Stock Exchange, though I soon plan to start buying on the NYSE since I don’t see the Canadian dollar going up any time soon…

I’ve colour-coded my table here for easy reading… The things I really like about these stocks are marked in green, and the things I’d like to avoid are in red

For example, things I really like are:

  • P/E below 10
  • Yield above 4.00%
  • Payout ratio below 50%
  • 5-Year Yield Growth above 10%

Things I don’t like are:

  • P/E above 20
  • Payout Ratio above 80%

Stock Watch List For July 2015

Company Sector Price P/E Yield Payout Ratio 5-Year Yield Growth
Cineplex (CGX) Consumer Discretionary $46.45 36.05 3.36% 115.25% 3.20%
Agrium (AGU) Basic Materials $126.52 18.48 2.77% 55.36% 94.09%
WhiteCap Resources (WCP) Energy $13.07 7.66 5.74% 43.68% N/A
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) Financials $64.65 11.31 4.21% 45.91% 5.49%
CIBC (CM) Financials $92.34 10.52 4.72% 35.14% 2.51%
Rogers (RCI.B) Communications $43.55 17.56 4.41% 73.93% 9.55%
Can. National Railway (CNR) Industrials $71.55 18.05 1.75% 26.60% 14.64%
Can. Western Bank (CWB) Financials $28.78 10.72 3.06% 30.28% 11.55%
Thomson Reuters (TRI) Consumer Discretionary $47.30 15.99 2.83% 55.05%  3.34%
Magna International (MG) Consumer Discretionary $68.93 12.18 1.28% 16.48% 76.00%
Alaris Royalty Corp. (AD) Financials $30.30 17.09 5.15%  79.80%  9.43%
Metro Inc (MRU) Consumer Staples $33.15 17.98 1.41% 20.45% 41.04%

12 Replies to “Stock Watch list For July 2015”

    1. Hey R2R,

      It’s great that we’re on the same page for some of these companies here. Definitely each have their own strengths and weaknesses and picking the right ones at the right times is the challenge.


  1. I ended up caving and buying US. The dollar makes it painful, but it is what it is. Still some great options on the TSX, but for some reason I always find myself drawn to the NYSE

    1. Hey Stephen,

      I agree with you there. The diversity of the NYSE totally trumps the TSX, not to mention they have a much greater dividend history pool to pick from than here in Canada. Sad for us but true, and yes the dollar exchange really hurts my soul.


  2. Thanks for sharing the list DB. I like the banks here especially BNS and CM. I will be adding CNR as my first company for my daughters holding company. It’s retreated a bit.
    You keep hustling hard, keep logging your progress so we can travel along with you on this journey okay my friend. Always a pleasure and much love. Tyler.

    1. Hey DH,

      Thanks for visiting and as always, the kind words. I’m really liking CNR as well as it’s a perfect low yield, high growth stock which is what I’m looking at nowadays. Not to mention it’s dropped a fair bit as you’ve stated.

      I’ll hustle as hard as I can dude. You keep it up too, you’re absolutely killing it over there. Very proud.

      Best regards

    1. Hey FD,

      Metro hit it pretty out of the park this year with earnings and drove the price up like crazy. Sadly the yield is low now in relation to it’s average, but it has some great yield growth with a low payout ratio.

      People are always going to have to buy groceries to boot, and the price of food just goes up and up and up.


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